Several of you have asked some great  questions this week about accessing your voice mail.  Don’t worry if you find the system confusing, you’re in great company! Here are some in’s and out’s about our system that should help clear things up for you.
















To check your Voicemail Messages:

1. Push the “Messages” button on  your district phone

2. Push the “Star” button

3. Enter your voicemail number (this is NOT the number that is listed on your classroom phone) 

Don’t know your voicemail number?  CLICK HERE

4. Push the # button

5. Enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number.)  If you never changed your PIN, then it is:  123654

6. Push the # button

If you have set up your voicemail in the past but cannot remember your pin, call the Technology Services Helpdesk at extension 0220. They’ll have your PIN reset for you.    It will set it back to: 123654