When you hear the words “Generating and Testing Hypotheses,” what is the first thing that pops into your mind?  For me, it’s the Scientific Method and science experiments, but the process of generating a hypothesis, testing it, and refining your thoughts and ideas happens across all content areas!

Whether it is doing role play in your English class to better understand what a character is going through or discussing what would happen to an ecosystem if an animal became extinct, you are taking a normal topic of your classroom and turning it into one where students have to think, evaluate, and really dig deeper into the material making it much more meaningful.

So what about your classroom? How can you use “Generating and Testing Hypotheses” to take your students to a whole new level and broaden the way they think and experience your class? Post your ideas in the comment section below and be sure you check out everyone else’s ideas to help move you along in your thinking!