Can you believe we are already four months into the Waterford upgrade? Based on what we have seen, many of your students have been spending a lot of time in the program.  Are you curious about their growth and progress? Check out the video below to see a brief overview of the reports that the Waterford program offers.

Over the next several weeks, a Pearson Educational Consultant will be coming to each elementary campus to share with you what each of these reports mean and how to disaggregate the data provided in your reports. She will help you see your students’ progress! In preparation for the training on campus, take a look at the next video to see how to run and save Progress Reports.

One last task: before the training on your campus, please run and save (to a flash drive or your H drive) a Class Progress Report and 3-5 Individual Student Progress reports to have access to during the training so that you have actual data to work with during your session. We hope this training session will equip you to use this data to better  meet the needs of the students in your class.

Your campus administrators will have more details regarding your specific training date. Happy Reporting!