During this email transition we want to assure everyone that your old emails, calendar items, contacts, etc will be copied from our old Novell GroupWise server to our new Microsoft Exchange server.  However, that process is going to take a number of days.  Until the process is complete there are two methods for accessing your existing content.

  1. Open GroupWise from a computer on the network (best option if you are working over the summer)
  2. Click Here to use the old GroupWise web client (best option from home)

You will not receive any new messages in GroupWise and you will not be able to send messages from GroupWise.  To send and receive, please use the new Exchange server (click here).  Over the next week we will be providing instructions for configuring Microsoft Outlook and your smart phone to access the system but for now, the web interface is the method of choice.

Please leave any questions in the comment section so others can benefit from the answers!