With video conferencing, you can bring the world into the classroom! Institutions that carry video conferencing, such as museums, science and technology institutes and many other educational institutions, can add value to lessons and enable teachers to give students the opportunity to interact with experts without leaving the classroom. Some programs will offer curriculum-based content and include pre- and post-teaching materials that supplement standards-based units of learning. During a quality video conference, the teacher becomes a facilitator and the expert leads the session. Sessions should be highly interactive, thereby engaging the students to become active participants in their own learning.

At LCISD, we have consolidated a list of video conferencing opportunities for you and your students. It’s easy to sign up. Just select the program event that you would like to participate in and then click the link to request at the bottom of the event description. After you have made your request, you will receive notification about your request and information on how to connect depending on the availability of the video conference.

Video conferences are in high demand, so we recommend completing a request as soon as possible!



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