Finding ways to  have students access websites can many times be troublesome.  Asking them to type in the url never works.  A character will be skipped or typed incorrectly.  It is inevitable.  Sites like Diigo are great for sites you want to use often.  Many times, however, you are looking for a tool to share sites specific to one task or assignment your class is working on. is a great resource for this type of adventure!

thinglink icon

Thinglink lets you import an image to its site and then attach text and/or links to images, video, audio, or websites onto that image.  When students click on the links, a new tab opens taking them to the site you have supplied.  You are ensuring the students have the correct information.  No need to type the site in or create multiple shortcuts on each device.

Thinglink editor

Once you have brought in your image, simply click in the area on the image you wish to add your information.  A window will pop up for you to fill in.  There are rich media tags available to add as well.  See a list here.  Choose from a selection of buttons/icons to use as your marker on the image   Now your students know where to click to get their information.

thinglink share

When you are ready to share, right click on the image and choose “share link”.  You have a number of social media share options as well as the opportunity to grab the embed code to add to your teacher blog or website.  Quick and easy.