In visiting campuses over the past few days, LCISD’s Technology Services Team has noticed some general issues many of you are experiencing.  In an effort to get everyone up and running as quickly as possible we have compiled a list of troubleshooting tips below.

Do I have the Right “Image” on My Computer?

If you do not have a PURPLE Background when you are at the log in screen, then your computer needs to be re-imaged.  Contact the Help Desk by calling x0220, or emailing to have a work order placed.  To ensure prompt service, be sure to include the room number, campus name, and the service tag number listed on the side of any computer that needs attention.

My Projector Isn’t Showing What is on My Computer Screen

After re-imaging, your projector may not show what’s on your computer monitor.  The projected image may be blue and say, “No Source” or it may be purple but not showing any of your icons.  Chances are, your computer is not set to duplicate the display. To correct this issue:

  • On your KEYBOARD:  Hold down the Windows Key (located towards the bottom – left of your keyboard) and press the letter “P”
  • A menu will display…choose to Duplicate

Duplicate Windows P big

Choose the Correct Resolution for Your Projector

If your projected  image is not filling your Smart or Promethean board the way it did last year and/or the icons on the projected image seem either squished, or overly large, then your screen resolution needs to be adjusted.  It’s a good idea to check this anyway to be sure your display is properly configured.

  • Right-Click on the Desktop and choose Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution

  • Select 1024 x 768 from the drop-down options **
  • Apply the changes, and if prompted, select “Keep Changes”
  • Select OK

**If you have a wide screen monitor connected to your Promethean or Smart Board – your ideal resolution may be different.  1600 x 900, and 1366 x 768 are two other preferred resolutions.



Install ActivInspire 

Once a computer has been re-imaged you will need to load the ActivInspire software back onto the computer so that you can use your Pens on the board.  To install ActivInspire:

  • Open My Computer–>Public Drive–>Classroom Essentials–>Promethean ActivInspire
  • Double click the Step 1 File from the Promethean ActivInspire Folder to begin installation.  
  • Follow the prompts to complete the software installation.
  • After you have installed ActivInspire completely, open the Step 2 File from the Promethean ActivInspire Folder and copy the entire Serial Number (you may have to move the window over to the right in order to see all of the numbers.) 
  • Double click on the Step 3 File from the Promethean ActivInspire Folder, this will open ActivInspire
  • On the software registration page that pops up, enter “LCISD” into the first 2 fields. 
  • Paste in the Serial Number found in the Step 2 File into the 3rd field.
  • Check the box to accept the Terms of Use and click “OK”.
  • Another little box will open asking if you want to use ActivStudio or ActivPrimary. 
  • Select ActivStudio and click continue.  The software should  then open properly.
  • Within a few seconds a small pop up box will appear asking you where you would like to store the Step 3 Resource Packs.  Select “Shared Resources.” and “No to all” if prompted
  • After your resources finish Indexing, you are ready to use ActivInspire!

Calibrate the Board

You may need to calibrate your Promethean board if the pens are not lining up properly with your cursor.  Click the link below to learn how to calibrate your board.



Install SMART Notebook

Once a computer has been re-imaged you will more than likely need to load the SMART Notebook software back onto the computer so that your board will respond to touch input.   To install Smart Notebook:

  • Open the LCISD Software Library Icon located on your desktop
  • Double Click the Smart Notebook icon to begin installation
  • In a few minutes, installation will be finished – and the Smart Notebook Software icon will appear on your desktop.

Orient the Board

You  may need to orient your SMART board if the touch is not lining up properly with your input. Learn to orient your board by following the link below:


AverVision Document Cameras

A new image on your computer also means document camera software needs to be installed.  No worries!  Installing AverVision’s new AverSphere software is quick and easy to do.

  • Double-click to open the LCISD Software Library from your desktop
  • Double-click to begin installing the AverSphere software
  • While you’re waiting for the software to install, be sure to connect your document camera to your computer via USB cord and plug it in so that it’s getting power.  In a few short minutes, you should be all set!  Open the AverSphere software from your desktop when you’re ready to begin using your document camera.



Outlook Email – on Your Desktop

You will want to load the desktop version of Outlook so you have all the options available that the program has to offer.

  • To set up Desktop Outlook, simply open Outlook 2013 by going to Start–>Programs–>Microsoft Office 2013–>Outlook 2013
    • Follow the instructions on the screen
    • When the log in box appears, make sure your username is your full email address ( not lcisd.local)


Skyward Resources

Remember that all your training for Skyward can be found within iCafe Resources.  A series of short videos will walk you through everything you need to know about using Skyward.  Click on the link below to jump to the iCafe Resources.  Make sure that if you are a teacher you are choosing the “Skyward for Teachers” button!


Connecting District iPads to Wireless Network

If you received a new district iPad(s) for your classroom this year, you are able to connect to the district wireless service. Using your device, click the button below and follow the prompts to join the network.  When you’ve finished, be sure to “Forget” the LCISD Guest network.

Connect Apple to Wireless Button


Purchasing Office 2013 for Home Use

As an employee LCISD you are able to download the Microsoft Office 2013 Suite to use on your personal computer for a drastically reduced price.  If you wish to update your Office suite click on the link below and follow the instructions on the cheatsheet.