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Add Some “Zip” to Your Teacher Blog

While your teacher blog can be an effective channel of communication for students, parents, and the community at large, let’s face it; without any images, your Teacher Webpage can appear a bit…well…boring. Never fear! Here at the iCafe we have several sure-fire ways to put a little “zip” into your Teacher Blog.

Get Organized – Use Tables

Using tables can allow you to place content exactly where you want it. Want an image to appear next to your text, rather than above or below it?  Use a table!

To add a table to your latest blog post, simply click on the Insert Table icon while editing your blogpost. From there, you can choose to use the Table Wizard to add rows and columns to your table.


Brighten Things Up – Insert Images & Links

Including images of what your students are doing in class, or anything that relates to the information you’re posting is a GREAT way to grab reader’s attention.  Another way to make your Teacher Webpage interactive is to include links to helpful sites, parent information, instructional materials, and more.  When you’re ready to add images to your Teacher Webpage, Check out our Working with Links and Images Cheatsheets!

Get the WOW Factor – Embed Content

In a nutshell, embeding content allows you to create a window within your teacher webpage through which visitors can view content normally found on other websites.  Some things you might want to consider embedding are:

Stuff to Embed:  Videos of Student Created Work (YouTube):

Stuff to Embed:  Instructional Materials from edu.Glogster, edu.Prezi, or other Content Creation Sites:

Embedding Content:  It’s not as Tricky as it Looks!

Embeding HTML sounds really tricky, doesn’t it?  Guess what?  Embeding content does NOT take a degree in computer science!  Boiled down, it’s as simple as Copy/Paste.    Still not convinced?  Check out the Embed Content on Teacher WebPage Cheatsheet , and give it a try!

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Creating Your Own Image Library

When searching for images from the internet one thing  that always slows the process down is looking for images that you can use without getting permission or worrying about whether it is copyright protected or not.  So instead of worrying about whether you really can use those pictures or not, and if you’ve sited it correctly, why not just create your own image library!

The key to creating your own image library is to be prepared.  Prepared for what?  Well…everything!  The key is to have your camera with you and take pictures of anything and everything!  For example, take a digital camera to a grocery store and take picture of fruits, vegetables, and herbs…even grocery carts!  Close up shots, weird angles…anything that might be a good picture to use later.  This is something you can do where ever you go, from the grocery store, to family vacations, even just sitting around the house.   Take your camera everywhere you go, and since you are the one taking the pictures, you own the copyright and you will have quickly built your own digital image library!

What do you do with it after you have all the pictures?  I recommend using a simple photo sharing site like PicasaWeb by Google.  You can host all of your images there, for FREE, in organized albums that you can share or keep private.  You can even tag each image to make searching for that perfect picture that much easier.  Another idea is importing them into a gallery in Active Inspire or Notebook 10 for using with your interactive whiteboard!

So what are you waiting for?!  Grab that camera and get to building that library!

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