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Time for an Update! Eduphoria Plain Paper Scanner App

The next time you try to scan answer documents to add student results in Eduphoria, you might notice that its time to upgrade your scanner software. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your computer has the most recent version of the scanning software.

1. Launch the Plain Paper Scanner-TWAIN App as you normally would and click Next.

2. In the pop up that notifies you that an update is available, select “Click here to download the latest version.”

3. When prompted, click Run.

4. After the update downloads, the wizard will walk you through the process of installing. Simply click Next on each screen to complete the install. Once the install is complete, you will notice TWO PlainPaper Scanner icons on your desktop. Right click on the icon that is “Plain Paper…” and select delete. You will use the icon that says “PlainPaper…TWAIN” for scanning Eduphoria documents!

Now your upgrade is complete and you are ready to scan answer documents!



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SMART Response connector for Eduphoria!

The SMART Response connector for eduphoria! is an assessment tool that allows you to use the SMART Response clicker system with the eduphoria! aware assessment program.

Learn how-to get the most out of your SMART Response and eduphoria! aware. Videos 1-3 will take you through the entire process of completing an assessment with the SMART Response connector for eduphoria!

Part 1 – Downloading and installing (3:59)

Part 2 – Creating the assessment within eduphoria! (2:31)

Part 3 – Downloading the SOS and administering the assessment (6:35)

Part 4 – Uploading results at a later time and connector log files (4:40)

Additional Resources:

  1. Click here to download SMART Response connector for eduphoria!
  2. Click here for a SMART Response connector for eduphoria cheat sheet
  3. SMART Notebook File – Using SMART Response connector for eduphoria!
  4. Additional SMART resources on iCafe

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