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Requesitions, purchase orders, and budget transfers…the sweet sounds of Tyler Technologies’ MUNIS! With the LCISD upgrade to MUNIS 9.3, there a number of great functions and processes that you are going to want to take advantage of, but before you get to that point, we want you to be able to get in and replace your previous functionality.

With the upgrade to MUNIS 9.3, the entire system is web based, allowing you to access the system from any computer in the district. That means you don’t have to have a special icon installed on your computer anymore! That also means that the icon on your desktop, well, you don’t need that…it won’t work anylonger! So, are you ready to get in and start creating those requisitions? Check out the two intial training videos below on how to get started in the program and insure that you have the necessary pieces installed on your computer to make it work!


Initial Setup:

MUNIS - Installing Silverlight Plugin
Title: Accessing MUNIS online and installing the Silverlight application
Details: MUNIS is now ENTIRELY online, so you can access it from any computer in the district! Check out this video to learn how to access the application and install a quick plugin your computer will need to make everything work properly. (2:52)
Watch the iCafe Tutorial Video HERE
MUNIS - Installing ActiveX Codec
Title: Logging into the MUNIS Main Menu and installing the ActivX Controller
Details: Once you login to MUNIS, your main screens look exactly the same! To access those screens though, you will probably need to install a quick plugin on your machine. This video walks through that very simple process! (3:47)
Watch the iCafe Tutorial Video HERE

Those two videos should be enough to get you started, but we also wanted to share a document that covers a few more basics of the program. CLICK HERE to access a quick overview page that covers the basics of this new version of MUNIS.


MUNIS Features:

MUNIS - Installing ActiveX Codec
Title: Setting up “My Workflow” on the MUNIS Dashboard
Details: Want to quickly see alerts and actions you need in MUNIS quickly on the main dashboard screen? Well, you can! Check out this resource¬†that shows you how to set up the “My Workflow” webpart inside of MUNIS.¬†(3:47)
Watch the iCafe Tutorial Video HERE
CLICK HERE for step by step documentation


More training will be available soon, so check back to learn more about how this new version of MUNIS will make your job so much easier!