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Creating An Assessment – Initial 3 Part Training:

As you begin using the Eduphoria system, your first steps are to create an actual assessment that you will give to students. Below are three simple videos that walk you through how to (1) create an assessment, (2) align test questions to objectives, and (3) print pre-slug documents for your students to actually take the assessment on! Check out the videos below and get your feet wet using Eduphoria!

Entering Final Exam Grades
Title: Creating a Test in Eduphoria
Details: This resource walks through the initial steps of creating a test key inside of the Eduphoria Aware system. (4:28)
Watch the iCafe Tutorial Video HERE
Finalizing the Final Exam Grades
Title: Aligning Test Items to TEKS Objectives
Details: This resource explains how to take a test that has been created and link individual test items to TEKS objectives for that assessment. (7:15)
Watch the iCafe Tutorial Video HERE
Finalizing the Semester Average
Title: Printing Pre-Slug Sheets for Your Students
Details: This resource walks through the quick steps of printing out plain paper pre-slug scan sheets for your students to fill in for your assessment. (4:43)
Watch the iCafe Tutorial Video HERE

After you – and ALL of your data team – have watched all three of these videos, created an assessment, and given it to your students, then it is time to contact your CITS! You will need to schedule a time for your CITS to come out  and train your data team on scanning in those assessments and analyzing the data! So – get to creating! Make those assessments happen!