The INTERACT Classroom:

“I see the students being more engaged and thinking outside the box.” –Tiffany Garcia

“I see myself growing and I also see my students being more successful.”—Carmen Chavero

“My teaching is more diverse and differentiated and I am able to better meet the needs of all of my students in exciting and electrifying ways…my students are using a higher level of thinking.” –Shari Stanley

“The skills that I gained at INTERACT have allowed my students access to learning on a level I never thought possible.” –Keri Ruggeroli

“I no longer just teach the curriculum to the students, I immerse the students in the curriculum through the use of technology and learning strategies.” – Jennifer Wagner

“We are a paperless classroom and in Kinder, that is a big to do!” – Maria Aldana

“The discipline problems in my room are now at an all time low!  The students enjoy coming to school to learn… I hear them say, ‘I love school!’”—Dustina Roden

Will this be your classroom?

Does this sound like something you can say, or hear your students say about your classroom?  Think about those lessons you’ve been teaching year after year after year.  Now, imagine Marzano’s strategies, iPods, interactive whiteboards, blogs, Moodle, video conferencing, and digital storytelling mixed in with those lessons.  Does that not get you energized?!  You’re students will feel the same way!

You’ve seen the statistics.  You’ve seen the tools.  You know the content…  what are you waiting for?

Interact Wordle

The Interact Wordle!

Don’t throw out those lesson plans of the past…electrify them!  How might your lesson of yesterday look tomorrow?  Please respond in the comment section below.