Wow, Wednesday has already passed and there are only two days of INTERACT left! Where did the time go?

The past three days have been a whirlwind of knowledge, learning, and fun! From creating Skype accounts to making ice cream, the past three days have been challenging, but worth every minute! At some points there were many wondering if they were going to survive with all the technology stuff, but other times were simply the best.

Monday was what I call the seed of the academy because in order for your knowledge of technology integration to grow the seed must be planted. First, you received your laptops, created your Skype accounts, and created your iGoogle page. As your seed started to grow roots, you were diving into Video Conferencing with “Name that Tune” and Switcharoo Zoo. As the day came to an end it was time for everyone to go home and rest because Tuesday would be another day of continued growth!

Tuesday arrived with lots to learn about Marzano’s Similarities and Differences. From sorting popular TV shows to using ActivExpressions or for sharing instructional ideas, we started pushing our ideas into real lessons we can start using in our classroom on the first day of school! Then came analogies that we created in Movie Maker Live and we began writing our first 5E lesson plan. By the end of the day our seeds are sprouting roots and gaining steam!

After a good night’s sleep you and your seed are ready for an active and fun Wednesday. Starting the day with a Musician Geocache in the heat and humidity, we jumped into the importance of generating and testing hypotheses with our kids. We created a straw container to securely hold a raw egg in the egg drop experiment and after watching Humpty Dumpty fall, everyone was off to write up their blab report. Finally, after a fun, fast paced day, we went down for our sweet afternoon treat and graphed the temperatures of the ice cream as it froze into existence!

Wow! Your little seed isn’t so little anymore and has popped through the surface! Take a look at this Animoto video of some highlights of the past three days.