Question:  What can’t be changed by its viewers, but can be viewed by all?

Answer:  A PDF document, that’s what!


As educators, I’m sure you can imagine the benefits of being able to share a document confidently, knowing that the document can be viewed universally using Adobe Reader (free!) without parents/students needing expensive software installed on their computer or device! Newsletters, presentations, student information pages, handouts, worksheets, and other important documents (especially documents you’re posting to the web!) can all be turned into .pdf documents.

Ready to make your own PDF? It’s super simple!

 Microsoft Word 2010

  1. First…Create and Save your MS Word document just like you would normally. Then…
  2. Click File
  3. Select Save as Adobe PDF
  4. Navigate to the location where you would like the file to be saved
  5. Save
  6. Wait a moment as the document is converted and saved

Your document is now ready to be shared as a pdf!  The same basic steps can be used in Microsoft PowerPoint, or Excel.

Don’t have MS Office?

No worries! Simply install a freeware program such as CutePDF Writer. Once  you’ve got the program installed, click “Print” from any program and choose CutePDF as your printer. I know it sounds totally crazy – but instead of actually printing out somewhere, you’ll be prompted to save the document and a pdf will be created in the process.

Voilà! From editable document to pdf in a matter of seconds!