In belated celebration of the first day of spring, we wanted to share the Decorah Eagle Cam with you again this year!

This year our mama eagle laid her first egg on Feb 17th.  Eggs should be hatching on or around March 25th.    


CLICK HERE and push Play to view live streaming video of the Decorah Eagles.

It’s also a great idea to CLICK HERE to subscribe to email alerts of “exciting eagle events.”

This is the perfect way for students…and teachers…to view these beautiful animals in their natural environment.  Amazing conversations can be had over life cycles, endangered species, the food chain (if you tuned in last year they had a rabbit to eat in the nest!)…the list can go on.  Take a few minutes each day to tune in.  Pull this up during transition time in your classroom, or just wait for your email alerts to tune in.  Either way, take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Do you have an iOS device?   UStream has an app that can be installed as well!  Use it as a center for the students to write about what they are observing or create a time line.  It would be fun to see if a pattern is developed for what they do each day.

Happy Spring!