Once again Lamar CISD is preparing to deliver one of the most innovative, progressive professional development sessions in the country. During the week long INTERACT academy, 140 participants will dive deeply into strategies for great instruction based around Dr. Robert Marzano’s work, “Instructional Strategies that Work”. During the week participants will explore various strategies while being immersed in seamless, realistic technology integration. At the end of the week, participants are given $10,000 to spend on technology tools that best suit their teaching style and student’s needs.
Due to the nature of this event we receive many requests from other districts to come in and observe. While we LOVE to share this program with others, we need to stay organized! If you would like to visit during this event, please signup using the form below.

Event Details:
Interact Visitors Planning Guide
June 4th-8th (8:00-4:00)
8181 FM 762
Richmond, Texas 77469

Contact Chris Nilsson for additional details