Attention all Promethean ActivInspire users!  This is not a test…

A couple of weeks ago Promethean released a new update to their ActivInspire software.  Like most updates, they have corrected some errors that have been occurring in their software and made a few other small changes.  A couple of the changes I have noticed is that the little push pin icon is different to lock your toolbars. They also now have helpful little “tooltip hints” to remind you of the nuances of the software…see below:

One of the bigger changes that this tech nerd has noticed is that they have totally revamped the question wizard, which they now call the “Question Manager” for votes and expressions.  I really like the changes they have made!  Everything you need is accessed from one page now.  You work with different panes on the same page to complete your questions.  You also have the ability to create multiple pages of questions without having to enter the question manager each time.   Want to use the same type of question over and over?  Copy and paste onto a new page…all from the manager!

To help you along with the updated wizard, new cheat sheets are being posted in the icafe resources section.  Look for the ones labeled for the “New Question Manager.” You can also access them here…

Inserting Questions for Votes and Expressions

Inserting Self-Paced Question Sets

It is time to update ladies and gentleman…move on to the newest, the brightest, the best Promethean has to offer!