Taking your students to the computer lab and want to send them all to the same page quickly and easily? Well, why not add a link to the webpage as an icon on the desktop?!

Here are some simple directions on creating a desktop shortcut for students from an Internet Explorer Address which can be a huge time saver and help keep students all on the same page…literally!

  • Log on to any LCISD computer as a student. (Check with your CITS for the login information if you don’t know it for your campus!)
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Be sure you can still see the desktop of your computer (you may need to click on your restore button if the window has been maximized to fit the entire screen.restore_button
  • Navigate to the site for which you’d like to create the shortcut.
  • Near the address at the top of the window, find the favicon (small image next to the internet address.)
  • Select the favicon by “clicking and holding.”  Then drag the favicon to your desktop.
  • Rename the new desktop icon, if desired, by right clicking on the desktop shortcut, selecting “rename,” and entering text.