In Lamar CISD, we’ve been taking advantage of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) for a number of years now.  Tools such as Waterford Early Learning and Successmaker have been instrumental in enhancing student learning and engaging students with meaningful differentiation.

Before you begin using these tools in your classroom, it’s important to know that there is a special way to log in to any district purchased computer to turn it into a Computer Aided Instruction, Student Workstation.

Usernames and passwords for the CAI log-in at each elementary campus are listed below.  Please call 0220 and report the issue if you have difficulty logging in.

Elementary Campus CAI Log In Password
Austin Elementary CAI76 CCC76
Beasley Elementary CAI61 CCC61
Bowie Elementary CAI62 CCC62
Campbell Elementary CAI83 CCC83
Dickinson Elementary CAI79 CCC79
Frost Elementary CAI84 CCC84
Hubenak Elementary CAI90 CCC90
Huggins Elementary CAI70 CCC70
Hutchison Elementary CAI85 CCC85
Jackson Elementary CAI74 CCC74
Jane Long Elementary CAI65 CCC65
McNeill Elementary CAI87 CCC87
Meyer Elementary CAI73 CCC73
Pink Elementary CAI81 CCC81
Taylor Ray Elementary CAI69 CCC69
Seguin Elementary CAI82 CCC82
Smith Elementary CAI67 CCC67
Thomas Elementary CAI89 CCC89
Travis Elementary CAI68 CCC68
Velasquez Elementary CAI86 CCC86
Williams Elementary CAI72 CCC72




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