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Augmented Reality with the Aurasma App

I am a big fan of Two Guys and Some iPads.  @techminock and @techbradwaid are very passionate about teaching and do an amazing job of sharing that passion and resources with the world.  They got me interested in Augmented Reality, and their site has a wealth of resources to help you understand what Augmented Reality is and how to get started with it.  Now I am working to get teachers here as excited about it as I am!


While there are more and more apps out there with auras already made, the real value I see for educators is the ability to create your own triggers and overlays.  This allows you to make it relevant to whatever concepts you are teaching.  Aurasma is a great resource for this.  It is free for you to use…you only need to set up an account.  While you are able to create more intricate auras through their website, a great place to start is with the Aurasma App.  It is fairly simple to use and gives you immediate results.

Two cheat sheets have been created to help you with the process of creating auras with the Aurasma app.  Click below to download each.  I hope you find them useful.

Simple Transfer: Transfer Photos and Videos Between iPad and Computer!

A BIG obstacle and headache that often occurs when working with iOS devices is being able to easily transfer your photos and videos between the iPad and computer. Emailing is not always the answer. File sizes can become too large. Having to attach image after image is a hassle. An even bigger hassle is having to plug the device into the computer.   Simple Transfer is a free app that will allow you to transfer your data wirelessly to or from any computer.

simple transfer

Simple Transfer is VERY easy to use.  Once it is downloaded, open the app.  It will show you a screen with a web IP address on it.  Leave the app open and then enter the address it provides into the web browser (Chrome, IE, Safari, etc.) on your computer.

simple transfer iPad

A window will pop open on the computer showing your iPad and the different folders you have created on it to store your photos and videos.  If you are looking to upload media from your computer to the iPad it can be done from the first window you see.  Choose the location you want the file to save on the iPad and then browse to the file you wish to upload.  Note that the free version of the app only allows you to transfer 1 file at a time to the iPad.

simple transfer screenshot 1

If you are looking to transfer files from your iPad to your computer, select the folder where the files you are transferring are located.

simple transfer screenshot 2

The screen will refresh, opening the folder you have chosen.  You can now select the photos or videos you want to transfer.  You also have a “select all” option.  Note that the free version of this app allows you to transfer up to 50 files at a time to your computer.  If you select more than one file to upload, a zip file will be created and sent to the computer. Open the folder on your computer to view all the files you have transferred.

There is a paid version of this app that will allow you to transfer more than 50 files at a time from device to computer and also allow you to upload multiple files at once from computer to device.  The paid version is $1.99.  Try the free version first to be sure your network is not blocking the use of this app.  If it works and you find you need more freedom with the app, purchase the paid version.  Then sit back and enjoy Simple Transfer!

Give iTunes 11 that iTunes 10 Feel

As many of you are probably aware, iTunes 11 is ready for download.  Many of you may not know, however, that the initial look of this latest version of iTunes has changed quite dramatically.  If you use iTunes as a media player you will be very happy with the look and feel.  If you use it as a device manager, however, you may not feel the joy quite as much!


In version 11, Apple has streamlined iTunes to simplify playing music or videos, which is great because the new look is very clean.  Many educators, however, use iTunes more for adding content to devices for their classrooms than for playing back content.  The device management options that were readily available in earlier versions of iTunes do not seem quite as accessible in version 11.  Fear not!  The device management options are there…you just need to know where to find them.


Menu Bar

To access the device management options, or return to the iTunes 10 feel, your first course of action will be to get your menu bar back.  Click on the menu button located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and choose to “Show Menu Bar“.

Left Side-Bar

Once your menu bar is visible, it is on to step 2 of this transformation.  You will want your left side-bar back so that you can view and manage the iOS devices connected to your computer.  From the menu bar, select “View” and “Show Sidebar“.  Breathing a little easier now?  This version  of iTunes may not be so bad after all!



The last step for me was to select “Music” from the left side-bar, and then the “Songs” tab so that I could to view my songlist.  The  iTunes transformation is now complete!