I am a big fan of Two Guys and Some iPads.  @techminock and @techbradwaid are very passionate about teaching and do an amazing job of sharing that passion and resources with the world.  They got me interested in Augmented Reality, and their site has a wealth of resources to help you understand what Augmented Reality is and how to get started with it.  Now I am working to get teachers here as excited about it as I am!


While there are more and more apps out there with auras already made, the real value I see for educators is the ability to create your own triggers and overlays.  This allows you to make it relevant to whatever concepts you are teaching.  Aurasma is a great resource for this.  It is free for you to use…you only need to set up an account.  While you are able to create more intricate auras through their website, a great place to start is with the Aurasma App.  It is fairly simple to use and gives you immediate results.

Two cheat sheets have been created to help you with the process of creating auras with the Aurasma app.  Click below to download each.  I hope you find them useful.