Here at the iCafe, we love Animoto. You’ve probably seen a handful of posts about how we use it for digital storytelling, book trailers, and more, but as easy at it is, it does still require you to take pictures on your camera, download those pictures on to your computer, upload them to Animoto, and go through the production process. I wish there were some way that I could just magically take all of those pictures I’ve taken and send them straight from my camera to Animoto…

The Animoto App!

And now I can! Thanks to the great folks at, there is an app that I can download on my iPhone that allows me to take the pictures on my phone and load them directly into the app to edit, add music, and produce!

Animoto App

The FREE Animoto App

To find the app, simply go into iTunes or the App Store on your phone. Once you have it downloaded, it’s so easy to use…simply take your pictures and load it into the app. Why, it was so easy I made an Animoto video walking through each step!

(To view the video below while at school, make sure you are logged in as a teacher!)

A bit of analysis

I really like the Animoto iPhone app. It’s so easy to use, really fast, and I can basically create a video anywhere I have my phone. It does have some negatives though:

  • For one, you have to have an iPhone. There might be an app for the Droid phone, but I can’t find it (let us know in the comments section if you found it!).
  • You can’t bring in video clips.
  • There is no embed code

The last one up there about no embed code really bothered me…until I found a work around! One really GREAT feature about the app is that you can download the video onto your phone (no need to stream it every time you want to show someone your awesome video!). Once it is in your photo gallery, you can quickly and easily upload it to YouTube, and voila, I have my embed code! It’s a few more steps than if Animoto just gave it to me, but it’s not too terribly painful.

The good news, is that many of you probably don’t care if you have any embed code. As long as you can go to the video website, you, your students, and your students’ parents are happy, and that’s exactly what the Animoto app does for you. Quick videos. Quick rendering. Easy sharing.

Sneak Peak

I have one more video for you! This one is a sneak peak of a blog post coming soon, and it involves me being on a roof! Enjoy!