Paul in a BarrelLoving ActiveInspire but would like that little extra push to really get the best out of the product? Visit the planet…Promethean Planet!  Among other things, Promethean has many short, useful “How to” videos , called ActivTips, on their site that are great for a quick tip or lesson on their software.

A recent video posted addresses containers.  Cointainers are a great way to have students self-check their work.  For instance, if the activity is matching words to their definitions a container will only allow the correct answer inside it.  If a student tries placing an incorrect answer in the container it will “spit it out” prompting the student to try again.  Great news…they have a resource pack with the containers already created!  Drag them from your resource library and it is done…ingenious!  This will save you a ton of prep time.  Check out the video here…

After watching the video, if you are as excited about this as I am, go to Promethean Planet and search for container resource packs.  There are two I have downloaded so far…”ContainersEasy1″ and ContainersEasy2.”  A tutorial comes within each resource pack to show how to use the containers.

For further help, don’t forget to check out the Resources section on our icafe website.  There are many cheat sheets that have been created to help with the Inspire software as well as many other technology tools.

Have fun creating…I can hardly CONTAIN myself!!!