Happy New Year! What an exciting 2010 we all had…and we hope you are excited even more about all that 2011 has to offer! With a new year, often come New Year’s Resolutions.  One resolution we hope you’ll consider making is to blend more technology into your lessons and take student learning to new heights!

To get you started with this endeavor, we’d like to offer five simple tips:

  1. Start Small: Find one tech tool that you really like and imagine how you could use it in your classroom! It doesn’t need to be anything amazing, just start small.
  2. Talk to your CITS: Every campus has a CITS that is there to help you be successful with technology! Send them a quick note asking for help…they would LOVE to help you with your new resolution!
  3. Get the tool: Every campus has a number of technology tools that you can use in your classroom, but you also have access to district technology resources. Not sure what’s available?  Take a look at our post of all the tech tools  available for check-out through the district.  Then get in touch with your CITS to get your hands on them!
  4. Set a date: When are you going to do the lesson? What gets scheduled gets done!
  5. Have fun: Using technology in your classroom should be fun, not stressful. Make sure you take time to enjoy your lesson, have fun along with your students, then share how well it went with your teammates!

We hope this helps get you moving in the right direction! Happy New Year and remember to tell us how your lesson went in the comments section below!