With the iPad’s ability to record audio, capture images and sync information across multiple devices, taking notes has never been easier – or more fun!  Here are a few of our favorite “Note-Taking” apps and why we love each and every one!


Jen’s Favorite – What She Likes Best…

“Like many other note-taking apps, Notability allows you to organize your notes into notebooks.  I LOVE that you can annotate over PDFs with text, pen and highlighter tools which makes editing on the go a breeze!  My absolute favorite part of Notability is web clips!  Web clips allow you to search the web and add websites to your note as an image with a link.”



Robyn’s Favorite – What She Likes Best…

“I love having the ability to view my notes on any device- PC, laptop, phone, and  iPad. This app allows me to have instant access to all of my OneNote notebooks- both personal and collaborative notebooks that I share with others. Having notebooks, sections, and pages keeps me organized, and I love having the ability to make “To Do” check boxes, bullet points, and add images straight from the camera to my notes!”


Notes Plus

Chris’ Favorite – What He Likes Best…

“For me, being able to circle any text or image, and then effortlessly move it around is a big plus.  I also love how Notes Plus allows me to import different backgrounds and links audio recordings to the page I was taking notes on when I recorded it.”



Chad’s Favorite – What He Likes Best…

“All of my notes are available no matter where I am! On my iPad, Mac, PC, phone…everything is cloud based so I can always get to the info I need. It’s super easy to use, too! I can bring in pictures & audio, create checklists, and everything is organized in nice, neat notebooks. Evernote will even title a new note based off of the meeting I’m in from my calendar! And my favorite part? I can share my notes! With Evernote I can create a unique, view only webpage for my notes that I can tweet out to fellow classmates or my students!”



Holly’s Favorite – What She Likes Best…

“Penultimate is simple.  And by simple I mean, SIMPLE!  It’s basically just limitless notebook paper that you can use your finger or a stylus to handwrite on.  I’m a dork, so I also love how the notebooks I create look and open like “real” notebooks.”



Sundry Notes Pro

Jess’ Favorite – What She Likes Best…

“Newschool and oldschool all mixed into one! With this app, you get the best of both worlds! It reminds me of taking hand written notes on a note pad. I love the lined paper, the easy organizing features, and the quick ability to share!”


Below you’ll find a comparison of apps to help you determine which app best suits your note-taking needs!  Most of us here at the iCafe regularly use several of these apps, as the situation warrants.