Remember when TV’s went to a digital signal a few years ago? You had to buy a special converter box to plug into your TV so you could watch all your normal channels. For a little while, television stations didn’t have to upgrade to digital, but if a station decided to and you didn’t have the converter box, you couldn’t watch the show anymore! Well…the same kind of thing can happen in Internet Explorer!

As Internet Explorer has been updated, web pages are having to update as well, so they can be viewed inside of IE. Explorer tries to help older web pages by turning something called “compatibility mode’ ON, so the new fancy things inside of IE will turn off and you can view the page properly – think of it as unplugging your digital converter box from your TV so you can watch those channels that hadn’t upgraded yet.

Unfortunately, there  are some pages that just don’t work in compatibility mode because they have been designed to work in the new IE…and the PCG Finalize Gradescreen is one of those pages!

If you are having trouble finalizing your grades inside of PCG, you need to turn Compatibility Mode OFF – think of it as plugging your digital converter box back into the back of your TV! In Internet Explorer, there is a button just to the right of the address bar that you need to click to turn it off…see the image below!

compatibiliity mode button

Once you click that button, your gradebook screen will refresh and you can now finalize your grades!

How do you know if you need to turn compatibility mode off? Well, if you are checking boxes in the Finalize Screen and it isn’t checked when you go back to check on it, then you need to turn that button off! If you are entering comments and they aren’t showing up the next time you go to look at the screen, same thing! If you click save on the Finalize screen and it never refreshes – time to turn compatibility mode off!

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at!