Your shiny new computer has arrived and it’s time to get it setup! Follow the steps below configure your new PC.


Display settings, duplicating desktop

You may experience issues with your projector not displaying the image from your computer. Follow these instructions to be sure your display is set to duplicate your image:

    • Hold down the Windows Key (looks like a flag in the lower left of keyboard) and press the letter “P”
    • A menu will display…choose to duplicate



Setting up desktop email

You will want to configure the desktop version of Outlook on your primary workstation(s).

    • To set up Desktop Outlook, simply open Outlook 2013 by going to Start–>Programs–>Microsoft Office 2013–>Outlook 2013
    • Follow the instructions on the screen
    • When the log in box appears, make sure your username is your full email address ( not lcisd.local)
    • For additional help, check out this video to walk you through the process.

Protocol for re-installing specific software

If you have an interactive white board in your room, the software for the board will need to be re-installed on your computer. You will find the software on the Public Drive N:\Classroom Essentials folder. Select the appropriate program for your board and install. There may be other programs, such as Format Factory or Audacity, that you use regularly. Some of those programs are also found in the Classroom Essentials folder.

If there is a district program that you need to have installed, such as Horizon for the librarians, please contact help desk to have a work order placed.

Syncing OneDrive for Business

If you backed your files up to OneDrive, you will want to sync your account with your computer so that it is easier to access them. Refer to the Office 365 section on the iCafe Resources page to learn more about this process.

Protocol if printers are not correct

If you find that you do not have access to the proper printers on your computer, please contact the help desk so a work order can be placed for the networking department to get this corrected.

    • Email:
    • Phone: ext. 0220

Internet Explorer

Importing Favorites

As you have discovered resources on the web it is likely you have added them to your favorites in Internet Explorer. If you took the time to export your favorites beforehand, they can now be imported back onto your new or re-imaged computer. Follow the steps in the Internet Explorer- Archiving Favorites cheat sheet to save your favorites and then restore them.


Authorizing computer

You should have de-authorized your iTunes account on your old computer before. It is now time to authorize the account. Follow the same directions on the iTunes cheat sheet…just choose to authorize the computer rather than de-authorize and follow the prompts.

Loading iTunes library

To bring all your audio and/or video files back into iTunes, first drag the folder you backed up earlier back into the Music folder under documents. You will then need to add those files back into iTunes. Open the iTunes program. Then choose File>Add Folder to Library and browse to the folder you just added.

The newer versions of iTunes does not initially look like the older versions. If you want to get the newer version to look like it did before, check out this post on the iCafe to Give iTunes that Old Feel