Change in life is inevitable…it’s just going to happen. Sometimes change is hard, something that you dread and try to avoid. Other times, change is something good, something you can’t wait until it happens. And then there is the change of the LCISD e-mail client over toΒ  Microsoft Exchange, which is so much better than good that we had to invent a new word for it: EMAILTABULOUS!

Yes – emailtabulous! Why the creation of a new word? Because of all the great new functions your email will now be able to provide for you!

For starters, you now have almost limitless space in your mailbox. No more finding 7 emails you can delete so that you can send out 2! Second, your email will run through Microsoft Outlook, which will allow for easy sharing of calendars, tasks, and more. And for some of you, you will be incredibly excited to learn that you can now link your LCISD email up to your personal Smartphone!

But for starters, almost nothing will really change! When logging in from home, you will still click on the “Employee Email” link from the LCISD webpage and be required to log in, but the login screen will look just a little bit different. Check out the screen shot below:

LCISD email login screen

The new LCISD email login screen.

You will use your email address as your login and your normal LCISD password for the password (it is case sensitive). Once you are in, the email screen will look a little bit different, but the basic interface is something you will easily get used to. On the left hand side of the screen are your basic folders and in the center of the screen is your email as well as the “New Message”, “Delete”, and “Check Messages” buttons.

LCISD new email screen

The new LCISD webmail screen.

Over the next few days, your old emails, contact lists, and calendar events will be brought into this new email client, so if you don’t see everything in there yet, don’t worry, it will show up! In the next few weeks we will be showing you new features of this email client and ways that you can get the most of its new functionality, so check back often and make sure you enjoy this new emailtabulous change!

Emails in the new LCISD Email

Reading an email in the new system.