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Here’s What’s “App”ening- February 24th

Looking to add a few apps to your repertoire?  Check out some of our favorite classroom apps!!  Do you have a favorite?  Please share it in our comments.


  • FREE
  • Designed for iPad
  • Stream educational content created in Flash to your iPad
  • AWESOME with Discovery Education Videos
  • CIPA compliant
  • Click Here to find out more



  • Free  (new features!!)
  • Connect to edmodo – the social networking tool developed especially for teachers and students
  • What’s new?  Take photos or video with your iPad/iPod Touch and upload to edmodo…then share with your teacher/students or to a group
  • New to edmodo?  Check out the Cheat sheet
  • Great way to practice spelling words, illustrate stories, or share what students have learned nonlinguistically.
  • Click Here to find out more


SmartFind Express

  • FREE!
  • Review or report absences from work to LCISD’s Webcenter
  • Click Here to find out more

Getting Started:

  1. Enter as your Server URL
  2. Enter your Webcenter username and password (this is NOT the same as your email user name and password)
  3. Click  “Sign In”

**Important Note – When reporting an absence, be sure to click “edit schedule” and enter the times you will be absent.  If you do not do this, HR will call you to determine how many hours you missed, as the app default is 0.

Falcon Download Manager

  • $2.99
  • Designed for iPad
  • Download video, music, and documents in a variety of formats and view them offline later.
  • Example – Use this app to download videos from Discovery Education and have students watch them later, even without an internet connection.
  • Click Here to find out more.



Show Me

  • Free
  • Designed for the iPad
  • Students can create “screen casts” explaining what they have learned.
  • Show Me will record what students write or say as they are explaining.
  • Share screencasts via free Show Me account
  • Good way to gain access into what students are thinking about a concept or skill
  • Great tool to provide data for authentic assessment!
  • Click Here to find out more

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Student Portal and Email Now OPEN!

We are excited to announce that the Student Portal inside PCG and Student Email are now open!

From this PCG Student portal, students will be able to view grades, attendance information and TAKS scores! Students will login to PCG from the same website you go to as a teacher,

For student email, students will be able to have a safe and secure email address to use in your class for completing projects and interacting with you digitally! Students will login to student email by going to

All they need from you is their username and password…which you can learn how to get bywatching the video below!

For a hard copy, you can also download this simple Student Account Summary Report.

Should a student lock themselves out of D2SC, their account is set up to reset every night automatically, so there is no need for you to go in and enable anyone!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to make a comment below or email me at

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