With our upgrade to a new email host, one of the features that we think a number of people will enjoy is the ability to link your LCISD email to your personal smartphone or wireless device!


Your Phone + Email

Now, every person’s phone is going to be a little different, so we here at the iCafe can’t really tell you exactly how to set up your personal phone, but what we can do is tell you a few general things that you will need to know for getting it up and running:

  1. You will have to be able to set up a Mobile Microsoft Exchange email client on your phone. If you can’t set up a Mobile Microsoft Exchange email client, call the Help Desk at 832.223.0220 to see if an alternative solution through a POP3, IMAP or SMTP can be done.
  2. You will need to know your Username and Password. As a reminder, your Username for the email client is your entire email address including “@lcisd.org”.
  3. The server name you will use is: webmail.lcisd.org.

For most instances, that’s all that you will need to know! Our email hosting company even has a handy step-by-step guide for you iPhone users out there (CLICK HERE), and if you have another phone and would like a few more details on other options for setting up email, you can visit Smarsh’s instructions on setting up the client on phones, computers, and more (CLICK HERE)!

What if that doesn’t work?

If you’ve followed all the directions, but things are still not working correctly here are three places we recommend you give a call:

  1. Smarsh Customer/Technical Support (the email people…they’re great!): 1-866-762-7741
  2. Your cell phone provider: We don’t know their phone number, but what we do know is that they know your phone better than anyone!
  3. LCISD Help Desk: 832.223.0220

LCISD Technical Support will do everything we can to help you get your email setup on your phone, but please be reminded that we can only do so much for helping you with your phone. With a new phone coming out seemingly every week, your best line of support will probably be with your cell phone provider.

We hope this gets you pointed in the right direction and makes your life just a little bit easier!

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