Next Wednesday, March 7th is World Read Aloud Day.  In honor of the day, many authors have offered to connect with classrooms around the world – read aloud for a few minutes and answer student questions.  If you would like to participate, here is what you need:

  1.  Access to a working webcam (ask your CITS if you need help…most district laptops or netbooks have webcams)
  2. Skype installed on the computer connected to the webcam.  CLICK HERE to download Skype
  3. A free Skype Account (once you download the program, skype will walk you through logging in, or creating an account)
  4. An author …or even another classroom to connect to!

Not sure how to connect with a published author? No problem!  Author, Kate Messner, has provided a great list of authors who are willing to connect.  Just CLICK HERE to check out her list.  Want to know more about World Read Aloud Day, or find lists of additional authors?  Check out Kate’s post on The Digital Shift

Keep in mind, your campus CITS is here to support you – and will happily help you get this project rolling!

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