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Trading Cards for the Classroom

I saw a post from @rmbyrne recently about a FREE app from Read Write Think called Trading Cards.  It sounded like something  I would be interested in, so I downloaded it and began to play.  This app has a lot of potential! I can see it being used across grade levels and across the curriculum.

To get started you need to choose your topic and the category under which it belongs.  You can choose from Fictional character, real person, fictional or real place, object, event, or vocabulary.  I would put some thought into this to make sure you are choosing the proper category.  The app will pose guided questions for you to answer as you move through creation.

Once you have selected your category you are able to start into the project creation.  Insert an image of your topic by either taking a picture or importing from your camera roll.  Then choose a card design.  Once that is completed, start entering your data in the assigned fields the app has for you.  When you click in a field guided questions pop up to help you understand what kind of information they are looking for.  Your information is limited to 120 characters for each field.  Use the buttons below the card to flip from the front of your card to the back, share your creation, or save it in the app itself.

If you choose to share your creation, you have the option to save to your photos, send as an email, or send to a printer.  It gives you a preview of how your card will look.  The intention would be to print them out.  You can then cut and fold the card so that it becomes two-sided.

I think these would be great for reviewing characters from a book the students are reading, reviewing vocabulary words, researching different locations, use as a study guide, and much much more!  In need of a new project?  Give Trading Cards a try!

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What’s Note to Love?

With the iPad’s ability to record audio, capture images and sync information across multiple devices, taking notes has never been easier – or more fun!  Here are a few of our favorite “Note-Taking” apps and why we love each and every one!


Jen’s Favorite – What She Likes Best…

“Like many other note-taking apps, Notability allows you to organize your notes into notebooks.  I LOVE that you can annotate over PDFs with text, pen and highlighter tools which makes editing on the go a breeze!  My absolute favorite part of Notability is web clips!  Web clips allow you to search the web and add websites to your note as an image with a link.”



Robyn’s Favorite – What She Likes Best…

“I love having the ability to view my notes on any device- PC, laptop, phone, and  iPad. This app allows me to have instant access to all of my OneNote notebooks- both personal and collaborative notebooks that I share with others. Having notebooks, sections, and pages keeps me organized, and I love having the ability to make “To Do” check boxes, bullet points, and add images straight from the camera to my notes!”


Notes Plus

Chris’ Favorite – What He Likes Best…

“For me, being able to circle any text or image, and then effortlessly move it around is a big plus.  I also love how Notes Plus allows me to import different backgrounds and links audio recordings to the page I was taking notes on when I recorded it.”



Chad’s Favorite – What He Likes Best…

“All of my notes are available no matter where I am! On my iPad, Mac, PC, phone…everything is cloud based so I can always get to the info I need. It’s super easy to use, too! I can bring in pictures & audio, create checklists, and everything is organized in nice, neat notebooks. Evernote will even title a new note based off of the meeting I’m in from my calendar! And my favorite part? I can share my notes! With Evernote I can create a unique, view only webpage for my notes that I can tweet out to fellow classmates or my students!”



Holly’s Favorite – What She Likes Best…

“Penultimate is simple.  And by simple I mean, SIMPLE!  It’s basically just limitless notebook paper that you can use your finger or a stylus to handwrite on.  I’m a dork, so I also love how the notebooks I create look and open like “real” notebooks.”



Sundry Notes Pro

Jess’ Favorite – What She Likes Best…

“Newschool and oldschool all mixed into one! With this app, you get the best of both worlds! It reminds me of taking hand written notes on a note pad. I love the lined paper, the easy organizing features, and the quick ability to share!”


Below you’ll find a comparison of apps to help you determine which app best suits your note-taking needs!  Most of us here at the iCafe regularly use several of these apps, as the situation warrants.

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Here’s What’s “App”ening- February 24th

Looking to add a few apps to your repertoire?  Check out some of our favorite classroom apps!!  Do you have a favorite?  Please share it in our comments.


  • FREE
  • Designed for iPad
  • Stream educational content created in Flash to your iPad
  • AWESOME with Discovery Education Videos
  • CIPA compliant
  • Click Here to find out more



  • Free  (new features!!)
  • Connect to edmodo – the social networking tool developed especially for teachers and students
  • What’s new?  Take photos or video with your iPad/iPod Touch and upload to edmodo…then share with your teacher/students or to a group
  • New to edmodo?  Check out the Cheat sheet
  • Great way to practice spelling words, illustrate stories, or share what students have learned nonlinguistically.
  • Click Here to find out more


SmartFind Express

  • FREE!
  • Review or report absences from work to LCISD’s Webcenter
  • Click Here to find out more

Getting Started:

  1. Enter as your Server URL
  2. Enter your Webcenter username and password (this is NOT the same as your email user name and password)
  3. Click  “Sign In”

**Important Note – When reporting an absence, be sure to click “edit schedule” and enter the times you will be absent.  If you do not do this, HR will call you to determine how many hours you missed, as the app default is 0.

Falcon Download Manager

  • $2.99
  • Designed for iPad
  • Download video, music, and documents in a variety of formats and view them offline later.
  • Example – Use this app to download videos from Discovery Education and have students watch them later, even without an internet connection.
  • Click Here to find out more.



Show Me

  • Free
  • Designed for the iPad
  • Students can create “screen casts” explaining what they have learned.
  • Show Me will record what students write or say as they are explaining.
  • Share screencasts via free Show Me account
  • Good way to gain access into what students are thinking about a concept or skill
  • Great tool to provide data for authentic assessment!
  • Click Here to find out more

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Recommended Apps for the Week of Nov. 14-18

Have you noticed that iOS devices are pretty popular? Probably not. Who could have possibly noticed the MILLIONS of iPhones out there, the MILLIONS of iPods, and MILLIONS of iPads wandering around?

Ok, obviously we know and you know that iOS devices are popular and we have hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of them in the district alone, but how can you keep up with all the new apps that are out there and evaluate whether it is something you should try using in your class? Well, the iCafe team is going to try and help!

Check back each week as we look at a few of our favorite apps that we recommend. Here’s our first four…and some are even FREE…at least for today!

Scirbble Kid iPad App Scribble Kid – Give the kids chart paper and markers to create!
Creative Genius Creative Genius on-the-go – Supplies you with a bunch of writing prompts or acting out activities.
   Counting and Skip Counting – Practice counting and skip counting…click on the numbers to follow along.
Counting Board  Counting Board – Put the hundreds chart an your device…click to reveal the numbers.


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