The chickens are hatching and moving over to the brooder! Check out our chicks all grown up below!

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Students at Dickinson Elementary are celebrating the arrival of spring by watching chicks hatch!  Like other students in LCISD (check out Jane Long’s caterpillars), the students at Dickinson Elementary School are taking advantage of a webcam and some live video streaming to watch Mother Nature do her magic! 1st graders on campus are on pins and needles waiting for their chicks to hatch!

Thanks to a L.E.A.F. Grant written by first grade teacher Mrs. Pangelinan, the students at Dickinson, as well as anyone else in the world, can tune in to check on the progress of the chicks.

The L.E.A.F. Grant also supplied the teachers with a special camera that “candles” the eggs and records what you see. This little device lights up the egg to view what is happening on the inside! Check out how active this chick is!

Heart beating- 10 days

Movement- 10 days

Watch it LIVE!

Want to watch the progress?  Check it out below or directly from USTREAM! The yellow cylinder is the incubator rotating around the eggs keeping them warm. We expect the chicks to hatch Tuesday or Wednesday of next week!

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