This week is TCEA week! YAY! The entire iCafe team has headed to Austin for the Texas Computer Education Association conference where thousands of educators come together to share ideas, collaborate, and gather ways to integrate technology in the classroom! It’s a great week of learning and connecting with other educators as well as getting sneak peeks from the world of ed. tech on what you will see in the classroom very soon!

Sounds really fun, huh?

But maybe you’re like me and you aren’t at TCEA, so that opening paragraph mostly just frustrated you because you aren’t getting to be a part of all the fun. But wait!! That’s not true! You CAN be a part of all the learning and fun…by following the iCafe team on Twitter!

In Twitter, you can use things called “hash tags” to make your comments searchable and oranized. At TCEA, everyone is using the hash tag #tcea2011 and our iCafe team is also using our regular #icafelc tag as well! If you go to the Twitter main page, you can simply search for those terms…you don’t even have to have a Twitter account to do the search!

Twitter Sample from TCEA

So get on Twitter, start searching for those hash tags, and start learning with the iCafe team!

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