UPDATED: May 2020


That’s a wrap!

Wow, what a crazy year! Who ever would have thought this is how the 2019-2020 school year would have ended. It wasn’t easy, but we made it.

As the year is winding down, many of you may be wondering “What do I do with all the technology in my classroom?” or “What should I do with the files on my instructional laptop?” Here at the iCafe we want to make sure your equipment and information are as safe as possible over the summer months, so we’ve developed a checklist of best practices to help you prepare the technology in your classroom for those long, glorious summer months.

Classroom & Office Closeout Check-List

Below you will find detailed directions to go along with the Printable Classroom Check-List.

As in years past, all staff members may be asked to complete the Classroom/Office Closeout Check List & tape it to the outside of their door before they leave for the summer. This allows members of the LCISD Tech Services team to quickly make note of anything in the room that needs attention.


To Do:

Don’t Forget!

Remove Batteries

from ALL Devices

On occasion, devices with batteries can get hot and batteries may corrode. If this happens, the device itself may be compromised and unusable. To prevent this from occurring, please remove batteries from the following items:

  • Document Camera Remote
  • Projector Remote
  • ActivExpressions
  • SMART Response Clickers
  • Any other battery operated items

Securely Store

Promethean/SMART Pens

& Projector Remote

According to Campus


 If you have pens that don’t work:

  • Promethean Users CLICK HERE – Check to be certain you have the correct pens for your board
  • SMART Users CLICK HERE – Check to be certain you have the correct pens for your board
  • Still not working?  Create a work order stating your pen(s) are not working.


Securely Store

all Hubs, Bluetooth

Adapters & Chargers

According to Campus


Make sure all of the following devices are safely stored away:

  • ActivHubs (that connect to ActivSlates, and ActivExpressions)
  • SMART bluetooth adapters
  • Wireless keyboard hubs
  • Bluetooth adapters for Wacom Intuos tablets or other wireless slates
  • Bluetooth adapters for wireless mice
  • Bluetooth adapters for powerpoint “clickers”


Save all Files

to OneDrive or other

Storage Device.


IMPORTANT: Some computers will be erased & updated over the summer.


As in years past, many district computers may need to receive a fresh image. This helps prepare our machines to operate as efficiently as possible in the upcoming school year.

*If your laptop has a bright blue background, please contact Help Desk to receive a new image for the coming school year.

What do these changes mean for you? It means EVERYTHING you have saved on your computer will be erased. Gone, see ya, hasta la vista baby! So before you leave campus for the summer, be sure to back-up or save any files on your desktop computer to  OneDrive or another storage device.  See the videos below.

Back-up to OneDrive


Step 1: Sync OneDrive to your desktop computer

*If your OneDrive files already appear in the Explorer Window, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Drag and Drop files

Canvas Files

Please note: Any files saved to your Canvas courses will not be lost as they’re saved in the Canvas LMS system. Before the new school year, all 2019/2020 courses will be archived. You will still have access to these courses and files under the “Archived (year)” heading.

Save Your

Internet Favorites.


*If you are not signed into Chrome with a Google account, you will lose all your saved internet favorites. Follow the steps in this video to export your favorites for next year.

Shut Down &

Return all Laptops

to Proper Location.*

Check with Campus Admin for Specific Procedures

  • With the COVID-19 protocols in place, check with campus admin on laptop procedures for the summer.

Student Laptop Basics

  • Be sure all power lights are off prior to closing the laptop’s lid. Then place each laptop into the correct slot of the cart that matches its letter name.
  • Return laptop carts according to campus procedure

Instructional Laptop Basics.

You are allowed to check your district assigned instructional laptop out over the summer. Please find your scenario below and follow the succeeding instructions.

SCENARIO 1: You’re Staying And You Want to Check Out the Instructional Laptop for the Summer

  • Visit your campus library (when directed by your librarian) to RENEW your check out.
  • Teachers are not required to check a laptop out over the summer.

SCENARIO 2: You’re Staying And You Do NOT Want to Check Out the Instructional Laptop for the Summer

  • Visit your campus library (when directed by your librarian) to check-in your laptop & turn in with your power cord.
  • Your librarian will store the laptop in a locked closet for the summer with its power cord.

SCENARIO 3: Leaving the campus (including Transfers or Leaving the District)

  • Teachers who are transferring campuses must return their laptop to their current campus library at the end of this school year. They may not take it home for the summer.
  • Teachers transferring to an existing campus in the district can reach out to that campus’ librarian to inquire about checking out a laptop for the summer if they wish.
  • If this happens during the summer, you will need to turn your laptop in to Technology Services at the Development Center. The Technology Services Team will check-in the equipment and return it to your former campus prior to the start of the school year.  The Development Center is located at 930 East Stadium Drive in Rosenberg- CLICK HERE to View Map & Driving Directions to the LCISD Development Center



Follow Campus


for Securing

Document Cameras,

Cords & Other



  • Your document camera uses a USB cord to connect to your computer. Store the USB securely with your device.
  • Your document camera may have a power cord. If so, be sure to store it securely with your device.
  • If your campus issues you any peripheral devices such as wireless keyboards, slates, or clickers, be sure to remove any batteries & store them securely according to campus procedure along with charging cords and hubs.


  • If you still have equipment checked out from the Tech Closet, please turn this equipment over to your campus librarian.


*Contact your librarian or campus administration regarding the special procedures in place on your campus for this item.

Prepare Apple Devices for Summer Storage

To Do:

Fully Charge all Apple Devices.

  • Charging before powering down helps preserve battery life.


Reset iPad.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Swipe to bottom of the screen and choose Reset
  4. Choose Erase All Content and Settings
  5. Follow prompts to remove various passcodes and iCloud account passwords
  6. DO NOT Turn Off until iPad has returned to the Hello Screen.


Power Device Off.

  • Press & hold the power button on the side or top of your device, then slide across the front of your device when prompted to turn the power off on your device for the summer. This will help preserve battery life.


Store Cables, Chargers, & Devices Securely According to Campus Procedure*.


*Contact your librarian or campus administration regarding the special procedures in place on your campus for this item.

Have a great summer!