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Fall 2013 Tech Tuesday Thursday Schedule

Here is a list of upcoming staff developments that are being offered by the CITS. All of the following are available for sign up through Ascend and are 1.5 hour sessions that run from 4:15 to 5:45.  Check Ascend for descriptions and locations.

  • Sept 10th – Your New Office – Section # 77312
  • Sept 12th – Introduction to Microsoft OneNote – Section # 77302
  • Sept 17th – Introduction to Microsoft OneNote – Section # 77303
  • Sept 19th – Your New Office – Section # 77313
  • Sept 24th – Edmodo for Beginners – Section # 77306
  • Oct 1st – Elementary iPad Projects – Section # 77307
  • Oct 10th – Digital Media: Creating Video Projects in the Classroom – Section # 77359
  • Oct 15th – Secondary iPad Projects – Section # 77308
  • Oct 24th – Become a Skydrive Pro – Section # 77364
  • Oct 29th – Gamify Your Classroom – Section # 77360
  • Nov 5th – Web LiteracySection # 77314
  • Nov 14th – SMART Notebook Intermediate Training – Section # 77310
  • Nov 19th – Promethean ActivInspire Intermediate Training – Section # 77311

 The following sessions will be 3 hour trainings on Saturday, September 21st

  • Promethean ActivInspire Beginner Training – Section # 77304
  • SMART Notebook Beginning Training – Section # 77305

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Upcoming Training from the iCafe Team!

Looking to integrate a few new technology tools into your classroom? Check out the upcoming Professional Learning opportunities from the iCafe team in the Spring of 2012!

Jan 17th iPads for Beginners Training Section #54133
Jan 24th Windows Live Movie Maker – *INTERACT APPLICANTS ONLY* Section #54135
Jan 26th iTeach ELA and Social Studies with iPads Section #54158
Jan 31st iTeach Math and Science with iPads Section #54156
Feb 2nd Intermediate SMART Notebook Training Section #54141
Feb 15th INTERACT Video Assistance Open Lab – *INTERACT APPLICANTS ONLY* Section #54140
Feb 16th Promethean ActivInspire Intermediate Training Section #54132
Feb 21st Discover the Possibilities with Discovery Education Section #54154
Feb 23rd INTERACT Video Assistance Open Lab – *INTERACT APPLICANTS ONLY* Section #54136
March 1st Liven Up Student Presentations Section #54134
March 20th Exploring the World Beyond your Classroom Walls Section #54160
April 12th Introduction to Google Earth Section #54139
April 17th Discover the Possibilities with Discovery Education Section #54155

All sessions are available in ASCEND and last from 4:15pm – 5:45pm. Be sure to register to save your spot!

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Let your voice be heard!

Last week we had one of the most memorable days of the year in LCISD…STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY! The one day a year where every teacher gets to go out to lunch for an hour and not work cafeteria duty!

Oh yeah…and we all learned a lot of great stuff too!

Seriously though, the iCafe staff loves staff development days! It’s a time when we get to hang out with teachers from all over the district and teach them new ideas or tools that they can start using in their classrooms! I can’t really think of a better way to spend my day, actually!

LCISD Staff Development Day

LCISD Staff Development Day

A Change

One thing that has changed recently though, is something that you need to be aware of! Inside ASCEND, our staff development portal, an important change has been made. Before you can receive credit for a class, you have to submit a survey! It’s not really a big deal, and honestly, it’s your opportunity to let your voice be heard!

Didn’t like your session? Tell us about it in the survey!

Wish you could have spent more time practicing the new skill? Tell us about it in the survey!

Loved your presenter? Tell us about it in the survey!

How to access the surveys

Accessing the surveys in ASCEND is pretty easy. All you need to do is click on the “My Course Details” button on the main page and click on the “Take Survey” button for that section. Pretty easy, right? Still need a little more direction though? Well, check out this simple cheat sheet that will walk you through it! Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to enter it in the comments section below!


Countdown to LCISD’s D(MA) Day

It is creeping up…silently lurking…always in the back of our mind but never has it seemed so important.  Your palms are sweaty.  You have developed a nervous twitch.  You need to know…are you OK or is it a time of desperation?  It is…DMA DAY!

The DMA Day is fast approaching for our district.  Teachers must have their allotted hours of off-contract staff development completed.  Wondering if you have enough hours?  There is a fast, easy way for you to check.  Check out this video to see how!

If you are looking for some instructions written out, check out the details below.

Log into ASCEND from the PCG Main Menu.  From the  ASCEND home screen, scroll down to the area labeled “My Courses” and click on the button “View My Transcript.”

Select the "My Transcript" button

A new window will open.  You will see a list of all the staff development sessions you have attended.  Included in the information are the number of CEU (continuing education) hours you receive for each session as well as your DMA hours that have been credited.

Your LCISD Transcript

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see your total hours for this DMA year (2011).

Your Total DMA Hours

You should allow 1-2 weeks for your DMA hours to appear after you have completed your session and taken the survey.  In the near future, if you do not complete the survey, hours will not be awarded.  To learn how to access and complete your staff development survey, click here.

If you have any questions concerning your DMA hours, please contact the staff development office at 832.223.0134 .  They will be happy to assist you!

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