The year is winding down.  Technology is all around my classroom.  What do I do with it all over the summer?  What is the best way to store it all?  What about my favorites in Internet Explorer?  Will my iTunes be safe?  What if I want to access my h: drive?  These are questions many of you may be asking in the near future. We want to make sure your equipment and information are as safe as it can be over the summer months.

Your computer’s new “image”.

Let’s start with your computers.  The district will re-image your computers over the summer.  What does that mean?  It means anything you have saved to the computer will be erased.  Gone, see ya, hasta la vista baby!  Most people remember to save any files they have on their computer, but internet favorites and iTunes accounts are often forgotten.  You can save this information as well.  To learn how to save your internet favorites, check out our cheat sheet Archiving your Favorites.  And for more information on backing up iTunes, check out this simple cheat sheet on backing up your iTunes Library.

I just got home and realized I need something from my h: drive!

What about your h: drive?  There are times you would love to access it during the summer. This would be a great time to start moving all your files to your weblocker so you can access them from anywhere you have internet, but maybe you’re running short on time.  Burn the information onto a cd or two now, and then work on the file transfer over the summer from home.  You can burn cd’s on your workstation using Roxio.  If you need help with this, check out the Roxio cheat sheet.

I can’t find my hub with that colored tooth.

Finally, there is all the equipment.  With new images, new installations, construction, and cleaning people in and out of your room all summer long, there is always a great risk of items being moved or misplaced.  A way to keep that from happening is to make sure all your equipment is properly stored and secured.  A big item overlooked is the usb/bluetooth hubs for slates, student response systems, etc.  They are often left plugged into computers and lost.  Remember to store those with the item it belongs to.

There are many other items you may have in your room:  Flips, cameras, iPods, document cameras, interactive white boards, and student response systems, to name just a few. Storing them properly is a big key to having them function properly next year.  A good tip is to make sure removable batteries are taken out of any item you can to keep it from corroding.  You should also be sure things like Promethean/Smart pens are stored away to keep them from getting lost.  You can access an entire list of helpful hints by clicking here.

Don’t forget the batteries.

Finally, be thinking about next year’s budget.  Many administrators will ask for items your grade level/department may need for next year.  Don’t forget about batteries!  This can be an unforeseen expense that is hard to cover at the beginning of the school year.

Have a great summer!