OneDrive and O365

If you haven’t noticed already, Microsoft’s cloud based storage system, SkyDrive, has been renamed “OneDrive.”  So what does this mean? When logging into Office 365, you’ll notice the OneDrive tab is in the same location as SkyDrive used to be, and the features are exactly the same. The only difference is the name.

If you have already activated your SkyDrive account and synced your district or home computer with SkyDrive, over the next few days you’ll notice the SkyDrive link in your Favorites change to match the new name. If you find that the name in your Favorites remains stuck on SkyDrive Pro or SkyDrive @Lamar Consolidated ISD, as you can see in the screenshots below, don’t worry!  Everything will continue to work. The name will change on its own sometime soon.

Skydrive in Favorites

If you haven’t had a chance to sync Skydrive/OneDrive with your district or home computer – you definitely want to do that!  Syncing the cloud based storage service with your computer allows you easy access to online storage.  So what does THAT mean? Good bye flash drives and hello OneDrive!  Office 365’s OneDrive Pro, provided for you by the district, gives you 20 GB of online storage.  How much is that?  ALOT!!  As a point of comparison, your current H:/ drive is limited to 1/2 GB, so your OneDrive storage capacity is exponentially larger.

Syncing Skydrive/OneDrive with your district AND home computers allows you to easily view and edit any of the documents you’ve saved at school – at home.  No more stressing out at 9 PM that an important file is saved on your flash drive or H:/ drive at school!  To get started you’ll need to log into Office 365 using your district credentials and click on the OneDrive tab to  activate your account.  Then you’ll be able to sync OneDrive to your computer.

You only need to activate your account once, but you will need to go through the syncing process once for every computer you want to have synced.  So for example, you’ll need to go through the syncing process on your district computer, district laptop, as well as your home computer.  Once you’ve synced the computers you use regularly, you’ll be able to drag and drop files into OneDrive, save directly to OneDrive, and work collaboratively by sharing documents with other staff members.