Have you noticed that iOS devices are pretty popular? Probably not. Who could have possibly noticed the MILLIONS of iPhones out there, the MILLIONS of iPods, and MILLIONS of iPads wandering around?

Ok, obviously we know and you know that iOS devices are popular and we have hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of them in the district alone, but how can you keep up with all the new apps that are out there and evaluate whether it is something you should try using in your class? Well, the iCafe team is going to try and help!

Check back each week as we look at a few of our favorite apps that we recommend. Here’s our first four…and some are even FREE…at least for today!

Scirbble Kid iPad App Scribble Kid – Give the kids chart paper and markers to create!
Creative Genius Creative Genius on-the-go – Supplies you with a bunch of writing prompts or acting out activities.
   Counting and Skip Counting – Practice counting and skip counting…click on the numbers to follow along.
Counting Board  Counting Board – Put the hundreds chart an your device…click to reveal the numbers.