– TCEA 2013 BYOD Workshop

The educational world is changing quickly around us.  It is difficult to keep up!  There are new devices, programs,  and activities available every time you turn around.  We need to keep up with the changing world if we expect to keep our students engaged and learning at a high level.  This session will focus on using your iPads and/or PCs to create projects.  We need to move away from seeing these devices as “drill and kill”.

In an attempt to organize resources, we have developed a page focused on each project we are discussing.  Simply click on a link below to visit your area of interest.

To help you with finding apps specific to a subject area or objective, visit the blog post “Finding Effective Apps…Where do I Begin“.  It provides a list of sites that have apps listed according to subject or use.


 image prep
 trading cards
 post cards
 book creation
 videos and animation



Additional Apps Keynote Presentation


Additional Apps PDF



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