I am excited to announce a BRAND NEW position opening here in the Lamar CISD Technology Services department!

The position: Technology Development Specialist

While the job description for this opening is posted on our HR site , I wanted to tell those interested a little bit about the position and about Lamar CISD.

We are a fast growing district serving more than 26,000 students on 32 main campuses (with 5 opening in the next few years) with over 3000 teachers and staff members across our district. The technology development specialist will be one of the leaders in our district that helps us as we move forward with new technology initiatives – having a seat at the table as we decide on the right steps to take moving forward, helping design roll-out plans, and developing training materials that support those initiatives. This will include projects like our Eduphoria implementation and SIS rollout happening in the next year – as well as possible future iniatives like the “flipped classroom”.

This position will also be the primary face of the iCafe Studio, both behind and in front of the camera, helping our trainers have a wider reach than they ever could before! In the past year, our iCafe Studio has been used to deliver over 700 hours of remote training – our “flipped” model for training! Our studio is a fully HD training environment where we can broadcast live or recorded training sessions for staff to view from anywhere – no longer needing to travel to a central location to get the information they need.

As an added bonus, this position will help support Distance Learning in our district, setting a vision for our teachers on how videoconferencing can be used in their classrooms to truly change instruction!

This position will have the opportunity to impact literally thousands of teachers and staff – helping them be more effective in their jobs and providing them a feeling of support that they appreciate so much! If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please feel free to get in contact with me!

Chad Jones
Director of Technology Development