As part of the 2011 Bond, older outdated computers will be replaced this summer. This is an exciting project that will positivly impact instruction in Lamar CISD!

Important Facts:

  • Adolphus and Ryon will not be affected by this project
  • ALL staff computers (desktops and laptops) will be replaced with new Dell systems regardless of purchasing program
  • Additionally, all student laptops and netbooks will be replaced with new Dell laptops designed for student use (long battery life, spill resistant keyboard, ruggedized case)
  • CTE labs will receive new computers
  • Libraries, open labs, and classroom student workstations will be updated with the most recent models (used) that we are keeping in service
  • All re-purposed computers will be thoroughly cleaned, tested, and reloaded to ensure consistent performance
  • All re purposed desktops will receive the same new HD 22″ monitor as the new work stations
  • All new computers will carry a 5 year warranty ensuring that parts will be available during the full life of the device
  • Additionally, all new laptops add accidental coverage to their warranty due to their portable nature and higher incidence of drops and damage
  • This project will take place over the summer with a scheduled completion date of August 15th

Staff Laptops

While all staff laptops are being replaced, we do not want staff laptops left in classrooms and offices over the summer. Laptops will be exchanged for new models at our summer computer refresh depot. Additional details about location, dates, and times will be posted as soon as the schedule is finalized.

Before the Refresh (click here for the steps to setup your new computer when it arrives)

Internet Explorer

Exporting Favorites

As you have discovered resources on the web it is likely you have added them to your favorites in Internet Explorer.  These favorites can be exported to a file and then imported back onto your new or re-imaged computer.  Follow the steps in the Internet Explorer- Archiving Favorites cheat sheet to save your favorites and then restore them.


 Backing up the library 

Any music or video you have purchased through iTunes is stored in the iTunes store for you and can be downloaded again at any time. However, if you have music or videos that you added to iTunes via CD or a file downloaded other than from iTunes, it most likely is only stored on your computer in your music library.  Those files will need to be backed up or they will be lost.  The iTunes cheat sheet shows you a quick, easy way to back up these files.

De-authorizing the computer

The iTunes program allows for up to 5 computers to be authorized with your apple ID.  That means you can download your purchased items onto those 5 computers.  Once you reach 5 you have to de-authorize a computer in order to authorize a new one.  This has to be done manually.  Follow the steps in the iTunes cheat sheet to de-authorize your computer.


 Peripheral Resources

A common mistake is accidentally leaving some of your peripheral devices plugged into the computer.  Once the computer is gone it will be impossible to retrieve these items.  Please take a moment to make sure there is nothing extra plugged into the front or rear of the computer via usb or other port.  Store these items in a locked cabinet over the summer.  Some of the more common peripherals include:

      • ActivHubs
      • Flash drives
      • Blue tooth devices
      • Wireless devices receivers such as a mouse or keyboard antenna
      • USB hubs/powered USB
      • Cables for iPods, , phones, cameras, etc
      • CD/DVD’s from drive
      • External speakers (not speaker bars on your monitor)
      • Headphones
      • webcams

Backing up files

Any files that are saved directly to your computer will be lost once your new computer is installed.  Please take some time to ensure your files are safely backed up to something other than the computer itself. 

Places that are not safe to store files and should be checked include, but are not limited to:

    • The Desktop
    • My Documents
    • My Videos
    • My Music
    • My Pictures

Check all of these places on your computer for important data you do not want to lose and be sure to copy that data someplace safe. 

This data can be safely backed up to:

    • OneDrive for Business- this is part of your Office 365 suite the district has provided for you.  Refer to the Office 365 section on iCafe to learn more.
    • An external hard drive or flash drive
    • Your H drive

Make note of special programs

Throughout the year,  special programs may have been added to your computer to assist you with a project or to help run another device from your computer.  Make a note of what special programs you may have loaded that are not part of the district’s base image.  Some of these programs can be, but are not limited to:

    • Promethean ActivInspire or SMART Notebook (depending on your campus)
    • Horizon
    • Format Factory
    • Splashtop
    • Audacity

 After the refresh follow the steps to setup your new computer!