The poignant aroma of freshly sharpened pencils fills the air and ushers in the 2010-2011 school year.  Crisp new bulletin boards crowd the halls and classrooms are full of eager young learners.  As you make your last minute preparations for the first week of school, here are some helpful tech-tips to get your year off to a great start.

Teacher Log In

This year we’re moving to Windows 7 and we know you’re going to be as excited as we are about the improved functionality and speed of the new operating system.  That being said, things do look a mite different on your log in screen.  In order to log in as a teacher, enter your LCISD username and password.  Then click “Novell Login.” For more detail on how to change your context and get logged in, check out this simple cheatsheet.

Student Log In

Elementary students who have logged in by using “student” as their username must now use the word “student” followed by their campus number.   The password will be “student.”

Elementary Campus Student Log In
Austin Elementary Student76
Beasley Elementary Student61
Bowie Elementary Student62
Campbell Elementary Student83
Dickinson Elementary Student79
Frost Elementary Student84
Hubenak Elementary Student90
Huggins Elementary Student70
Hutchison Elementary Student85
Jackson Elementary Student74
Jane Long Elementary Student65
McNeill Elementary Student87
Meyer Elementary Student73
Pink Elementary Student81
Taylor Ray Elementary Student69
Seguin Elementary Student82
Smith Elementary Student67
Thomas Elementary Student89
Travis Elementary Student68
Velasquez Elementary Student86
Williams Elementary Student72

Secondary students will login using their student ID as their username and “111111” as their password. Once they login the first time, the system will ask them to change their password. It’s a good idea to have students write down that password somewhere safe in case they forget it.

Printing in a Pinch

Having trouble printing?  As a temporary solution, you can use the Hot Spot printer on your campus.  In a nutshell, the Hot Spot printer is a printer you access remotely through email or the web.  You can submit a print job from any computer with internet access – even from home! Once you submit your print job, you’ll receive a print job code via email or the web.   Then go to the Hot Spot printer on your campus and use the ten digit keypad to enter the code you were given.  For details on how to get started choose one of the following links:

I want to submit a print job via email

I want to submit a print job via

Where is the Hot Spot printer on my campus?

Need Tech Training?

Your CITS will be on campus to co-teach, coach, and consult with you for one (Elementary, Middle Schools and Junior Highs) or two (High Schools) days each week.  Have a question about integrating technology in your classroom?  Email your CITS directly or contact

Our schedule is as follows:

Need Tech Assistance?

If you’re struggling to get set up, and need support – the Technology Department is here to help!  You can contact the Help Desk by calling ext. 0220 from your district phone or emailing  Our technicians are literally working around the clock to help make these first days of school as smooth as possible for you and our students.

We hope these links and ideas help make your first few days a little easier. Let us know how we can help you out as the year gets rolling!