Over the summer, a number of changes will be coming down from LCISD Technology Services and we wanted to make sure you knew about each! For more information on each change, check out this brief video from our Chief Technology Information Officer, David Jacobson.

Each of these changes: (1) Skyward, (2) District Email, (3) District Webpages, and (4) Password changes will impact each of us, but we really want to emphasize the Email change.

While ALL emails will carry over with this transition, personal contacts, calendar events, and tasks will not! All users MUST back up their personal contacts, calendar events, and tasks if they have them, and this must be done before June 30th or before you leave your campus the last time, which ever happens earliest! For more information on how to back up these important email items please check out our Moving to Office 365 blog Post.

As with any summer in LCISD, it is possible that your computer will be re-imaged. Please take a few moments to read our End of Year blog post to ensure you have everything backed up and ready to go for next school year!

As always, if you have any questions or need support, either leave a comment below or give our Help Desk a call at ext. 0220! We hope these last few days are stress free…enjoy those kiddos…and let’s get ready for another great year in LCISD.