Mock ElectionHi everyone!

We are really excited about the Lamar CISD 2012 Student Mock Election! Our kids are going to have such a great experience voting online. I wanted to give you some information so that you know how your students can be involved in this year’s mock election.

Online Voting:

Begins on Monday, October 29th
Ends on Thursday, November 1st at 5:00PM
-To access the link for online voting, CLICK HERE!

 When a student votes online, he/she will need their student ID number. Teachers will need to have a class list with ID numbers in case the student does not know it.

Mock Election Rescources:

Also, we have a Mock Election website with classroom resources that include lesson plans, activities, and strategies along with resources for the election. It is important that instruction take place prior to voting that covers our country’s voting process, our responsibility to be an informed voter, and why it is so important that we don’t take this freedom for granted. CLICK HERE to access the Mock Election resources page.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please watch the video below for a demonstration on how a student is going to vote online and receive additional information on this district event.

If at any time you need help or have questions please call me at ext 0142 or by email.

Looking forward to see how our kids vote in the election.

-Kevin McCune