While there is no replacement for a fully functional computer, the iPod Touch can certainly compare.

Apple launched its most popular product, the iPod, in October 2001.  Since then, over 220,000,000 have been sold worldwide.  Six years later, Apple released their newest creation, the iPod Touch.  It is called a “touch” because of its ability to navigate and input information by touching your finger to the screen.  With the younger generation being the prominent users of these little devices, you will want to find a way to incorporate them into your classroom.

Though it is a bit more cumbersome, the Touch has many of the same functions as a laptop.  The basic features include a calendar, e-mail program, address book (contacts), calculator, notepad, media player (video and audio), photo album, GPS and web browser.   Another powerful feature of the Touch is the ability to download applications or “apps.”  You have probably seen the commercial for the iPhone and the catch phrase is, “There’s an app for that.”  Well…there really is an app for just about anything you can imagine.  The only difference between an iPhone and an iPod Touch is that a phone has calling capabilities (with a hefty cell phone plan from AT&T) and a built in camera.  That is it!  To see how one school is using the Touches in their classroom, visit the iPod Touch Project.  The site gives an overview of how they got started and the pedagogy behind the project.

Need some ideas on how to get started? Try out these ideas:

Bringing some iPod touches into your classroom will quickly change the way your students interact with the curriculum and make your classroom so much fun! Give it a try and post your ideas on how you use iPod Touches in the comments section below!