In Lamar CISD we manage our extensive iPad deployment with a hybrid model utilizing three layers of iTunes accounts. Individual devices may have apps loaded from multiple accounts.

Account Type Good For Not For Explanation
  • Loading Free Apps
  • Paying for your own Apps
  • Single iPads
  • Loading paid Apps on multiple (classroom) devices
Personal Accounts do not allow you to pay for multiple copies of an App. This is fine if you PERSONALLY own multiple devices. This is NOT ok if they are district owned devices. If you need to load PAID Apps on multiple District owned devices, you will use the district account and the Volume Purchase Program. Personal account are usually created with your personal email address as they belong to you…not the district.
  • Loading Free Apps on multiple devices
  • Setting up a cart based group of devices that all sync to one computer
  • Setting up a class set of devices with “Automatic Downloads” to keep FREE Apps in sync
  • Loading paid Apps on multiple (classroom) devices
  • Should not have a credit card associated with it
Group Accounts are a great tool for keeping multiple devices synced with free content. With a single (non credit card) iTunes account and “Automatic Downloads enabled), you can load a FREE App on one device and the entire group with automaticly load the App. These accounts are usually created with your district email address or a shared group address (i.e.
  • Loading Paid Apps on single or multiple devices
  • Using district funds to purchase Apps
  • Loading free Apps on devices
  • Loading Apps on non-district devices
  • Loading Paid Apps from the account that haven’t been purchased for you
The District has a single iTunes account that is used in conguntion with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program. This allows you to purchase a Volume Voucher (similar to an iTunes gift card) with a district PO. Once your Voucher arrives you can purchase Paid Apps. These Paid Apps MUST be loaded under the District iTunes account. DO NOT load district purchased Apps under your personal iTunes account.

Staff are free to utilize the first two methods in any combination as suits their needs. To utilize the VPP program click here.

If you are interested in visiting about your deployment or have any questions about iOS devices in Lamar CISD please contact:

Chris Nilsson