Interact 2013 - Are you ready


For the sixth year Lamar CISD is gearing up for a staff development like no other, and we want you to be a part of it!  INTERACT Academy is designed to provide attendees with research based teaching strategies paired with outstanding examples of technology integration. In fact that is what INTERACT stands for, INtegrating TEchnology Realistically Among Classroom Teachers. Our goal is to pair fantastic teaching with amazing technology and make it feel like second nature in LCISD classrooms.

We recognize that for teachers to feel comfortable with technology they must have regular access to the tools they need. That goal, along with a firm belief that only you, the teacher, can best decide which of the many technologies best suit your teaching style and meet your student’s needs, compels us to follow-up the training with the chance for you to outfit your classroom with some cutting edge technology.



INTERACT 2013 will be held from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM during the week of June 10-14.  Because we literally use EVERY moment that we have with you during the week of the academy, all participants must attend the full week of training in order to receive CPE credit, and techno-cash to spend after the academy.


Who can apply?

LCISD staff members apply as a team.  Each campus has one team…except High Schools, which can now have two teams!

  • Teams must contain 2-4 members
  • Teams must represent at least two grade levels for Elementary or two subject areas for Secondary
  • Teams may contain one specialist (Facilitator, Special Ed, etc.) per team


How do I apply?

There are a few steps you will need to follow in order to apply for INTERACT 2012:

STEP 1: Complete the “Intent to Apply Form” – ALL teams that hope to attend INTERACT 2013 MUST complete the “Intent to Apply” by January 31st! You don’t have to be ready to fill out your Team/Individual applications by then, we just need who’s thinking of attending.

STEP 2: Complete the “INTERACT Individual Application” by February 28th – This is a quick three question form that helps us know who you are as a teacher and professional. Be honest and show off how great you are!

STEP 3: Create the a fun and creative video with your team that answers the question,  “Why do you NEED to attend INTERACT?”

We will be evaluating each video on its creativity, vision on education, and demonstration that all of your team members had a role in creating it! The video should be no less than two minutes long and no more than four! After you are done, your team will upload the video to YouTube and share it with us via the “INTERACT  Team Application” by February 28th!

Two optional Staff Development opportunities are currently scheduled at the iCafe Staff Development Center where one of our team members will be available to assist you as you edit, save and upload your video.  Register in ASCEND  today, if  you’d like some support editing and saving your video.

  • Monday, February 11th (Session #66064)
  • Tuesday, February 19th (Session #66063)
INTERACT Intent to Apply INTERACT Team Application INTERACT Individual Application


What if I have more questions?

Contact your CITS!  We’d love to help you find a great team, let you know when video trainings are available, or simply tell you how great INTERACT is!  We are super excited about INTERACT 2013…it’s going to be the best Academy yet!