INTERACT has added a whole new dimension to the instruction in my classroom! Blogging, ActiveExpressions, Promethean Boards, and iPads give excitement, as well as differentiated instruction for my class! My students have become “Techno Nerds” like me!!  -Merideth McDonald

Spring is in the air. Birds are chirping, the smell of fresh grass hangs in the breeze, and all over the country #2 pencils are being sharpened. Well here in the Technology Staff Development department, spring brings something else as well- INTERACT!


For the fourth time Lamar CISD is gearing up for a staff development like no other. INTERACT is designed to provide attendees with research based teaching strategies paired with outstanding examples of technology integration. In fact that is what INTERACT stands for, INtegrating TEchnology Realistically Among Classroom Teachers. Our goal is to pair fantastic teaching with amazing technology and make it feel second nature to you. We recognize that for a teacher to feel comfortable with the technology they need to have regular access to it rather than simply checking it out once a semester. That goal, along with a firm belief that only you, the teacher, can best decide which of the many technologies best suit your style and meet your student’s needs, compels us to follow up the training with the chance for you to outfit your classroom with some cutting edge technology.

INTERACT gave me the courage and capability to change how I teach to better meet the needs of my students in this age of technology. -Melissa Johnson

Who can apply?

This year we are making a significant change to the application process. In order to foster a sense of community among participants and to enhance the benefit to each campus we are now looking for teams to apply rather than individuals.  Teams must be composed of 2-4 teachers of record (total money for each campus will be the same regardless of the number of team members) from the same campus. At least one team member must teach a different curricular area (secondary) or different grade level (elementary) than others on the team. Only one team per campus will be selected so send in your best application!

How do we apply?

Applications this year will be video based. Your team must create and upload a presentation to YouTube that the Technology Staff Development team will view and judge based on this rubric. Videos must be no longer than three minutes. Principal recommendations will still be involved in the total score for the team.

Here are a couple of important dates to remember:

  • Select your team and fill out this form no later than April 4th
  • Upload your video to YouTube by May 6th
  • Mark your calendar for INTERACT the week of June 6th – 10th


Ready to get started?

If you have any questions, please contact your CITS. We are incredibly excited about what we have in store this year for INTERACT and we can’t wait to see your applications. So grab your team, grab your camera (or whatever gear you choose), and BE CREATIVE!!! You don’t want to miss out on what promises to be the best INTERACT ever!