For the past several years, LCISD students grades K-8 have been taking advantage of Big Brainz as a means to increase math fluency with one catch; the multiplication and division portals of Big Brainz were more fully developed than addition/subtraction side of things. Well folks, that is no longer the case!

To access the updated software, simply install the new version directly over your old version…or install Big Brainz for the first time! The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.

Important Note:  The update to Addition/Subtraction is a completely new game inside of Big Brainz.  Once Big Brainz has been reinstalled, students who choose to play Addition/Subtraction will be prompted to take a simple 10 minute pre-test before jumping into the game at the level their pre-test results places them.  If students have played the old version of the Addition/Subtraction game in the past, their progress will be replaced with results from the new version of the game.  Any results from Multiplication/Division will remain unaltered.

Click here to learn how to install the latest version of the Big Brainz software

Don’t Forget to Play!

Once installed, students in grades K – 8 can log in using their LCISD Student ID number, choose an operation, and begin building math fluency. This software is even available for students to use at home!  Of course, no one can build fluency unless they actually spend time practicing.  After installation, the one of the most important thing teachers and parents can do to help is schedule “play” time for students to use Big Brainz.  On average, students will need about 6 hours of play to master their multiplication facts.

Ready to See Results?

Teachers can log in to view reports and track individual student progress using their Campus Password (district credentials required to view page.)  To learn more, visit the Big Brainz Resources found on iCafe.